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You have:
a website of your sportsclub, family, hobby or business. It is hosted with a free Internet Service Provider like yaboo, hotbot, brinkster.. or with your current Service Provider (like Telenet , Skynet, Planet Internet...)
Problem: the long URL (like http://www.geocities.com/yourcompany/ or http://users.pandora.be/yourcompany/) is not easy in use!

You want:
- an easy to use url (like www.yourname.be).
- unlimited subdomains (like members.yourname.be).
- separate URL forwarding on every subdomain.
 Extended with URL Masking (cloaking) and QueryString handling.
- unlimited mail forwarding on every subdomain.
Create email addresses for all your members:
info@yourname.be >>> youremail@hotmail.com
you@yourname.be >>> youremail@pandora.be
yourpartner@yourname.be >>> fa45854lkm4545@skynet.be

You need:
a very easy solution!
All this is included in the services of Domainnames Belgium for the price of your domain registration!
I can recommend you their service, as it works easy and smooth, and the customer support is great!

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